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Gunna have to go with Gruber on this one

WWDC 2009 | Highlights | new iPhone release: iPhone 3GS date and information

Highlights from WWDC 2009 Keynote: iPhone OS 3.0 available worldwide June 17th My weapon of choice this year for the Keynote stream was  They have a good stream text feed, and an even better streaming pictures feed.  The pictures updated more often than the text, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they caught every […]
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Get a LoD of this: Flutebox and Beardyman

I’m impressed.  Specifically at 4:25 to 5:00 and 14:20 to 15:20 (or somewhere around there).
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What happens when you ask questions?

What happens when you ask questions?  You get answers, right? Well, what happens if instead of being satisfied with the answer you stay in the question?  What happens if you continue to ask why?  Eventually you get to the point where you really start to wonder: “Why do we do things this way?” That’s the […]
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Future of Technology

This is sort of a “look how far we’ve come” video, as well as a “welcome to reality” video.  The video is pretty long, but there are lots of useless facts in it that you could randomly spout out to your work buddies.  That’s what I do… I saw this first over at NetGenDesign.
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