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Sign hackers strike Bellevue, Washington

Earlier this week I posted a picture of a road sign that had been hacked to show the text “ZOMBIES AHEAD.”  Clicking the picture took you to the Jalopnik web site where they’ve posted a tutorial on hacking the signs.  Funny that today I see it in the news, not more than 20 minutes from […]
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Wait… what is the point of this?

It’s amazing the sort of topics that get people’s attention now-a-days…  The topic here is “Videogame characters that are probably delicious“.  The author, Jim Sterling, actually went through the time to pick characters that were not obvious food choices (like Dizzy the egg), and post what they probably taste like and how to cook them. […]
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Get a LoD of this: Traffic signs

The zombies are causing traffic problems again… Clicking the image will NOT take you to instructions on how to “hack” one of the above traffic signs. </lie>
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