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Subway responds with worldwide cheese tessellation!

Due to the recent popularity of a submission to Left-Handed Toon’s, Subway has responded by saying that as of July 1st all of their cheese will be tessellated on their sandwiches, providing all Subway customers with “wonderful dairy coverage.” The article by Left-Handed Toons was originally submitted by Josh on July 14th, 2007, but has […]
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Cheese: the Sub way

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Happy Friday! Here are a couple funny videos I saw this week

I love the Intel commercials! Pretty funny, especially from an engineers standpoint. [thanks Teresa!] Possibly NSFW! Drops an F bomb, but hey, so do people at work… [Thanks Karim!]
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How to deal with data loss

I bought my friend a 1 terabyte external hard drive for Christmas so he could back up all his stuff. ¬†I invited him over last week so I could get some of his files off the hard drive. Before I copied it however, I was going to remove all the .DS files from his file […]
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best elevator music ever…

Thanks for the link Karim ūüôā
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A little perspective for Monday morning

As another week of hard work rolls around, I thought it might be appropriate to put things in perspective with a little game.  Enjoy!
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Thanks but no thanks

How many Gigs of data do geeks consume in a day?

Apparently, the average American consumes about 34 gigs of data in a day, or 3.6 zettabytes for the entire U.S. ¬†Here’s the breakdown from But I second the question that they pose at the end of their article: how many gigs of data do geeks consume? ¬†Maybe somebody can figure this data out by […]
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Microsoft at CES… I knew something was missing…

If you’re like me, you’re excited about CES but don’t have the bank to buy a ticket. ¬†Instead, you’re watching the Engadget Live blog feed and getting the updates every 15 seconds – in picture and text form. While watching this, I also noticed this hilarious post by kyleve on Twitter: “I knew something was […]
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This weeks Pure Genius award goes to: The stories posted on this site are hilarious. ¬†I haven’t read through them all but here are my favorites at the moment: “It’s like Twitter. ¬†Except we charge people to use it.” The ducks in the bathroom are not mine. Matthew Apartment 3a. Enjoy…
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Hacking a parking meter
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A cool iPhone 3G S design

This is a well done design idea for the iPhone 3G that was released well before the announcement that the externals of the iPhone were not going to have any design refresh.¬† I really Apple would have done something different to make the iPhone 3G S stand out, but maybe they’re holding off an external […]
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Get a LoD of this: Flutebox and Beardyman

I’m impressed.¬† Specifically at 4:25 to 5:00 and 14:20 to 15:20 (or somewhere around there).
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He thought he liked the iPhone, but…

… he actually loves it.
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MacBook modding

Useless but awesome: [via SmokingApples]
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