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Get a LoD of this: Trooper has a nice car

Click on the picture to follow the Digg link and see comments.
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The Macalope responds to a negative post from

ADDENDUM: The Macalope, while not shy about profanity, doesn’t usually point it directly at a silly pundit, but in this case he’s going to make an exception for this: Yea, he gets a little harsh there at the end but it makes for an entertaining read.
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Android prophecies fulfilled, moving to computers

When Android was first announced there were some tech prophets making parallels between Apple’s strategy with the iPhone OS and Google’s strategy with the Android OS.  They claimed that just as Apple’s OS X operating system was shrunken down to fit on the iPhone, the Android OS would be scaled up from a mobile platform […]
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Stranded in San Diego

I’m supposed to be at home right now. After my vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, we were flying back through the Dallas/Forth Worth Airport and our Seattle flight was canceled.  They told us that we’d be stuck for another 48 hours!  So we decided to try and get a flight from DFW to San Diego […]
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iPhone SDK unlocked

As some of you may know, the iPhone SDK that was released by Apple is not 100% of the tools that Apple uses to make their own programs.  It’s been speculated by open source developers that there’s only about 75% of the SDK exposed through Apple’s version of the SDK. Apple’s iPhone SDK is not […]
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