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TweetDeck for the iPhone

The iPhone version of the popular Twitter client TweetDeck has got Twitter users abuzz due to it’s cool interface.  I used it today and it was very responsive and fun to use.  I hope to see more apps like this one that go outside the box when it comes to the user interface.
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Rands on Twitter

Rands on Twitter: Twitter spam. Really? Are you even paying attention? I’ll say it again, you choose who you follow. If you’re following a newsbot, you’re going to get news spam. If you follow a good friend who can’t stop RTing, you’re going to to get retweet spam, but complaining about it is like standing […]
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What I’ve been up to

I apologize for the lack of posts over the past few days.  Things have been crazy with work.  I’ve been pulling those 12 hour days. Unfortunately when the weekend came I didn’t find much comfort in relaxation.  Instead I spent money on buying  I’ve proceeded to spend almost my entire weekend coding the website […]
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Note to my Twitter followers/followings

I was about to clean up the list of people that I’m following on Twitter today.  My criteria were simple: If you haven’t said anything interesting or posted a link to anything interesting in your most recent page of tweets, then I’m going to stop following you. After searching through a whole bunch of people […]
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How I use Twitter and why I love it

I’ve been using Twitter for a few months now, and in these few months I’ve made a couple discoveries. The first thing I love about Twitter is that it has different uses.  Some use it as a place to congregate with their friends or connect with new people.  Others want to promote their business or […]
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