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The absolute best way to improve your coding skills!

The absolute best way to improve your coding skills is to read the absolute best advanced MVVM book EVAR! If you’re programming WPF or Silverlight, don’t pass up the opportunity to give Advanced MVVM a read. Written by one of the best WPF developers in the known universe, it’s sure to be useful and worth […]
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How to deal with data loss

I bought my friend a 1 terabyte external hard drive for Christmas so he could back up all his stuff.  I invited him over last week so I could get some of his files off the hard drive. Before I copied it however, I was going to remove all the .DS files from his file […]
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How NOT to pack your MacBook

This is the best reason I’ve seen so far to buy an incase sleeve for your macbook.  Specifically so that you don’t end up creating this mess: Pillow case + packing peanuts + bubble wrap = no bueno.  Incase sleeve = bliss.
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