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iPhone Tethering speeds are impressive!

I’m sitting in a Starbucks in Mill Creek, WA right now and I’m still amazed out how great and convenient having a tethered iPhone is. I’ve been hanging out at Starbucks a lot more lately in an effort to beat the heat (they’ve all got great A/C). I live on the top floor of my […]
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How to: change a folder icon in leopard

I was adding folders to the “Places” section of Finder so that I have easy access to my often used folders but regular folders look boring.  I was only looking to change the icon to the pictures folder icon, but in the process I found that you can easily change the icon to any picture. […]
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Safari: Open links in a new tab by default (Mac)

One of the first surprises with Safari was that there was no option to open links in a new tab instead of a new window.  I think it’s annoying to have a new window popup because you lose immediate access to the other tabs if you’re surfing the web full screen.  I’m a huge fan […]
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Jailbreak tutorial for iPhone 3G: 3.0 OS

I just jailbroke my phone last night, but the experience was far from smooth.  I jailbroke my phone 3 times, and the first 2 times my phone couldn’t get any service form AT&T.  I’m posting this tutorial thread to help others overcome any of the same issues that I had. Step 1 Download PwnageTool from […]
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MMS | Tethering on iPhone 3.0

There are some great instructions over at TekNation for getting MMS and tethering to work on your iPhone.  The gist of it is: If you’re not interested in MMS, skip to step 3. If you’re interested in MMS you’re going to have to give AT&T a call to enable WAP Push on your device.  This […]
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MacBook modding

Useless but awesome: [via SmokingApples]
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WPF and SL developers using Twitter

Yesterday I found the list of iPhone developers that are on Twitter.  Today I decided to start a google spreadsheet Twitter list that has all the WPF and Silverlight developers on it.  If you want your name on the list just go to this form. You’ll also be able to follow all of these users […]
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Looking for all the iPhone developers using Twitter?

I was reading Jeff LaMarche’s iPhone Development blog and saw that Tim Haines (developer of the BurnBall iPhone game) has put up a google spreadsheet document that all the iPhone developers can put their twitter accounts on.  There’s even a ruby script that somebody made so that you can add them all at once!  Pretty […]
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Quick Tip: free up space in Mac OS X by removing printer drivers

If you’re looking to free up a little bit of space you can safely delete all of the printer drivers that come installed on your system by deleting all the folders in /Library/Printers.  Should free up about 3 GB of space.  Safe and effective.
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