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How is the iPad going to fit in?

The iPad.  It’s a large iPod Touch.  It doesn’t run OS X.  It doesn’t multitask.  It doesn’t have a camera.  It’s not a typical computer. It’s a new way to think about a tablet experience. Lots of folks have been criticizing the iPad for what it isn’t, instead of praising it for what it is. […]
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Build your own iPhone from scratch!

Stay tuned for a how-to article  coming in 2021, right here on devinsblog!  In the future it might not be so crazy of an idea…  3d  printers are finally getting down to the consumer level, to the point that they can build circuitry.  Check out the video: RepRap from Adrian Bowyer on Vimeo.
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CES announces HP Slate

HPs new Slate advertisement: There are a few more images over at Engadget. There seem to be a lot of tablet announcements coming out this year at CES 2010, hopefully this doesn’t steal any thunder from the announcement Apple is bound to make at the end of this month.
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Very possibly the coolest thing you can do with your iPhone

Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of cool flatulence apps out there (yes, that was sarcasm….), but none of them could ever be as cool as this: It’s not released yet, but the date on their website shows 2010 as the release date, so hopefully sometime this year.  They also have pictures of […]
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Reality-altering technology

Pranav Mistry, inventor of SixthSense technology, demos what I would call the best implementation of augmented reality I’ve seen to date.  Very typical of all the TED presentations!  Click on the image to go to the video.  It’s worth watching.
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XUI through Augmented Reality

All of these Augmented Reality applications have been popping up lately and it reminded me of the old XUI videos that I saw a while back. These XUI videos by Microsoft are an extremely sci-fi feeling, forward-thinking rendition of what computing could become and how it could impact our lives.  XUI would “totally” be possible […]
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Augmented Reality in the form of a contact lens

I came across an article from January 2008 that dives into augmented reality while on the topic of electronic contact lenses.  There’s some really cool stuff happening on this front and it’s coming from my school!  The good ole’ University of Washington.  You should check out the article – maybe you’ll get some cool ideas […]
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