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Subway responds with worldwide cheese tessellation!

Due to the recent popularity of a submission to Left-Handed Toon’s, Subway has responded by saying that as of July 1st all of their cheese will be tessellated on their sandwiches, providing all Subway customers with “wonderful dairy coverage.” The article by Left-Handed Toons was originally submitted by Josh on July 14th, 2007, but has […]
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Steve Jobs releases official statement about Flash and Apple

Apple vs Gizmodo | Picking on the little guy

I had the feeling last week that it kinda sucked that Gizmodo was getting so much heat for the whole situation.  It was making Apple look like a monster.  It’s not like leaks don’t happen for every other apple device/product – it happens quite frequently. But then I read the post on daringfireball that was […]
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Apple Open | Flash Closed

Steve Jobs excited about new product

Apple | iPhone | Tablet | AT&T recent news recap 2010

iPhone | AT&T Rumored that iPhone’s next big feature is going to be the Verizon Network – Also read the opposing argument about why a Verizon deal would be unlikely. Some possible feature inclusions AT&T warns of a clamp down on iPhone data hogs AT&T is starting to counter Verizon’s anti AT&T campaign Tablet: Rumored […]
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Apple ensures it’s future with the iTouch

A recent article from Flurry shows the promise of the future iPhone market through it’s iTouch users.  The idea is that all the younger people that own the iPod Touch are going to be the same people that later buy an iPhone when they can afford phone plans. When today’s young iPod Touch users age […]
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LOL at Jeff Zucker

Jeff Zucker of NBC in 2007: “We know that Apple has destroyed the music business…”
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Crime in the Apple Store

Crime doesn’t pay boys and girls. App developer Moliker has allegedly been scamming the app store by creating fraudulent reviews for its applications, of which it has over 1000.  That’s a lot of apps!  Apple has pulled them all from the App Store for the time being.  Read more at
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Zune HD details released

The Zune HD was finally announced officially by Microsoft on Tuesday. Here are the quick details: The Zune HD is targeted at the iPod Touch – it’s not a phone.  (Darn) The screen is slightly smaller than the iPhone (480×272 vs 480×320), but so is the device. The screen is OLED. Multitouch is enabled, but […]
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The Daily Show conversation between Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer

Jon Stewart really sticks it to Jim Cramer last Thursday on The Daily Show.  Stewart made some good comments about the economy as it relates to the stock market and Cramer gave nothing but confirmation to Stewart’s remarks.
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Sign hackers strike Bellevue, Washington

Earlier this week I posted a picture of a road sign that had been hacked to show the text “ZOMBIES AHEAD.”  Clicking the picture took you to the Jalopnik web site where they’ve posted a tutorial on hacking the signs.  Funny that today I see it in the news, not more than 20 minutes from […]
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Seattle earthquake: I knew I felt something…

Last night there was an earthquake here, near Seattle.  It happened at 5:25 in the morning.  I live on the 6th floor of an apartment building and I felt the bed shaking and heard my bookshelf rattling.  I thought either there was an earthquake or the people downstairs were… Doing laundry. Sure enough, when I […]
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Get a LoD of this: Great photos of the Inauguration of President Obama

Here’s a great collection of photos from the Inauguration of President Barack Obama. “Yes we can…”
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Belkin’s response to the fake reviews

An employee at Belkin was found on Mechanical Turk shelling out money to people that would write a good review for a Belkin product whether or not they even owned the item.  Belkin responded to all of the negative commentary about these findings at their website. We want to stress that this is an isolated […]
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