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David Pogue’s BlackBerry Storm review story

David Pogue wrote his original review for the BlackBerry Storm last week and his verdict was that the phone is terrible.  And he was spot on.  David Pogue posts another article detailing some of the email responses that he received to his original article.
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Nokia N97: OS User Interface needs work

I just watched a video of the N97 (Above) that walks through some of the features of the new Nokia phone.  The phone looks alright, and I mean that in a good way.  It doesn’t look terrible on the outside, the camera lens cover looks pretty neat, and the flip up screen is sort of […]
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Why should I Jailbreak my iPhone? | List of the best Jailbroken Applications

It’s too often that I get asked “why jailbreak your iPhone?” or even worse, “why should I jailbreak?” Why should you jailbreak?  Well, for two reasons. First, if you’re like some people (me?) and you just don’t want to be locked out of taking full advantage of your own phone for some obsessive compulsive reason, […]
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Linux on the iPhone

One of the members of the iPhone dev team, planetbeing, was able to port version 2.6 of the Linux Kernel to the iPhone.  Demonstration video, instructions, and download link are all available at this site. Coolest feature so far: dual boot.  You can dual boot your phone into linux or the regular apple OS via […]
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BlackBerry Storm review: just a small breeze

David Pogue wrote a review for the BlackBerry Storm and the conclusion isn’t very good.  It’s terrible.  Instead of being a Storm, it seems the latest BlackBerry was just a small breeze.  They should have named it accordingly and we wouldn’t have been expecting so much.  It reminds me of those contests that drink companies […]
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Need longer iPhone battery life?

If you’re one of those people that spends a radical amount of time on your iPhone, look no further than the Richard Solo 1800 iPhone/iPod Touch backbup battery.
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T-Mobile G1 Hacked? Browser issues

Some T-Mobile G1 users are seeing an interesting page redirection when they try to visit some web sites. They get redirected to a security issues page that entices them to download an AntiSpyware program. Interesting issue. Though, as one of the commenters pointed out, it could have been a server that got hacked and not […]
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iPhone 2.2 Firmware review

I was going to write up something extensive, but these guys did a great job already.  Thanks iPhone Blog for saving me some work.
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iPhone’s Ocarina: sample from

Play your iPhone as a musical instrument!  Smule’s Ocarina is just plain awesome.  Maybe they’ll add it to SLOrk (Stanford Laptop Orchestra), though they might have to do a spin-off called SPOrk (Standford Phone Orchestra).  Here’s a sample:
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Blackberry Storm first review semi round-up

I started checking out some of the reviews for the Blackberry Storm today because I had previously posted that I thought Verizon was finally starting to come around with a phone that might give customers a little more hesitation before they leave Verizon for AT&T so they can get the iPhone.  I think the Blackberry […]
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iPhone 2.2 update released

Apple just released the latest version of the iPhone OS tonight. The coolest pieces are easily the Google Maps updates.  For me the most important update is the Safari stability improvement – my Safari has been crashing ALL THE TIME.  Very annoying.  Maybe this update will help set things straight. The newest update includes the […]
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G1: RC30 supposedly doesn’t change SIM unlock [unverified]

I’ve not been able to completely verify this, but I’ve heard through the grapevine that RC30 doesn’t effect the sim unlock, and only ruins the jailbreak (though the XDA developers have already found a way to keep your jailbroken status and have the RC30 update).
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The future iPhone Xg: third generation release date

Disclaimer:  I have no idea when the next iPhone will be released.  All of my views are based on pure speculation, so don’t get mad when I’m wrong. That said, I do have some ideas about when it SHOULD be released.  No earlier than 2010, on the third anniversary of the iPhone.  There are two […]
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Adobe and ARM: not hand-in-hand with iPhone

Adobe and ARM just buddied up to accelerate the development of Adobe’s Flash and AIR for mobile devices.  They have been building a mobile version of flash for a long time, called Flash Lite, but they are now focusing on building full featured Flash for mobile.  Unfortunately for all of us with iPhones (which also […]
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Blackberry Storm reactions

Now that the Blackberry Storm has my slight attention, I’ve been checking out some of the videos revolving around it.  Apparently, some people feel that this device is better than the iPhone from just LOOKING at it.  Others simply drop their jaws as if they’ve never seen a phone before. Update: Check out the reviews.
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