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AT&T brings back performance just in time for the iPad

Windows Mobile 7 Announced

AT&T service FAIL at CES 2010

I was just reading Engadget’s article about the best gadgets they used to help make their reporting of CES 2010 easier and more productive than ever.  They listed the different camera setups that they used, including the Canon 7D for video, which they have some cool intro reviews for.  Sadly, at the bottom of the list, […]
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Google’s growing pains with the Nexus One

It appears that even monolithic companies fail when they start dipping their hands into unknown territory.  According to PCWorld, Google’s new phone, the Nexus One, is falling subject to bad reviews for Customer Service – and the fact that it basically doesn’t exist.  Users having problems with the phone are either being tossed back and […]
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Toshiba TG01 – another one bites the dust…

Toshiba just announced it’s upcoming mobile phone, the TG01.  It looks promising aesthetically, and the hardware sounds pretty good (minus the touchscreen), but the OS on the phone (Windows Mobile 6) sort of ruins the whole experience.  The user interaction is TERRIBLE.  Little quirks about the phone’s interface ultimately gave this phone a bad review. […]
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Jailbreak tutorial for iPhone 3G: 3.0 OS

I just jailbroke my phone last night, but the experience was far from smooth.  I jailbroke my phone 3 times, and the first 2 times my phone couldn’t get any service form AT&T.  I’m posting this tutorial thread to help others overcome any of the same issues that I had. Step 1 Download PwnageTool from […]
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MMS | Tethering on iPhone 3.0

There are some great instructions over at TekNation for getting MMS and tethering to work on your iPhone.  The gist of it is: If you’re not interested in MMS, skip to step 3. If you’re interested in MMS you’re going to have to give AT&T a call to enable WAP Push on your device.  This […]
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WWDC 2009 | Highlights | new iPhone release: iPhone 3GS date and information

Highlights from WWDC 2009 Keynote: iPhone OS 3.0 available worldwide June 17th My weapon of choice this year for the Keynote stream was  They have a good stream text feed, and an even better streaming pictures feed.  The pictures updated more often than the text, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they caught every […]
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Get a LoD of how horribly Palm Pre’s launch went…

And another Link of the Day for you… In the picture: iPhone launch on top, Palm Pre on bottom.  For those of you that don’t know, the Palm Pre has had some great reviews that pit it’s features against the iPhone – the palm pre won in 8/12 categories in one review. Honestly though – […]
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Zune HD hands on video

Here’s a video of the Zune HD, posted on Gizmodo today: Zune HD Video Hands On from Gizmodo on Vimeo.  Click the link to go to Gizmodo’s page.  They have a picture gallery of their hands on experience with the Zune HD. One thing to note – they didn’t show any multitouch interactions in the […]
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Zune HD details released

The Zune HD was finally announced officially by Microsoft on Tuesday. Here are the quick details: The Zune HD is targeted at the iPod Touch – it’s not a phone.  (Darn) The screen is slightly smaller than the iPhone (480×272 vs 480×320), but so is the device. The screen is OLED. Multitouch is enabled, but […]
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iPhone 3.0 taking marginally better photos?

The 3.0 iPhone OS was released to developers a few months ago.  We’re currently on the fourth beta of the iPhone OS,.  Recently a Russian website released that the latest version of the beta software was taking higher quality pictures: As you might imagine, there was a lot of disbelief about the validity of these […]
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iPhone beats Android 6 to 1

AppleInsider reports an estimate the the iPhone may have beat out the Android 6 to 1 in sales between October and the end of 2008.  This is great news for both sides.  For Apple this shows that iPhone sales are still strong compared to its competitors.  For Android this shows a great stride in adoption, […]
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Engadget on the Palm Pre

Engadget got their hands on a Palm Pre: “There’s still a lot we don’t know about the Pre, and with a device this new, you can never truly understand what the experience will be like until you put it through the test of an average day’s work. That said, Palm has made enormous strides with […]
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The real reason the AT&T exclusive iPhone contract expires 2010 | new iPhone release

NOTE: If you’re looking for information on the new iPhone 3GS announced at WWDC 2009, click HERE. In the US, AT&T has an exclusive contract to support the iPhone.  No other carriers can sell or officially support the iPhone.  This deal between Apple and AT&T was originally due to end in 2009. This date was […]
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