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Dinner at Black Bottle

Just got back from a great dinner at Black Bottle in Seattle.  In attendance were some members of the WPF and Silverlight community.  Topics of discussion involved Silverlight, Live Mesh, MIX09 (and reminiscing of previous MIX adventures), Surface, Maya 3D software, and some WPF talk mixed in there.  Lots of great topics.  There’s never a […]
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Super Bowl Security commanded by Microsoft Surface

Looks like the Microsoft Surface unit is going to be a key player in helping the security team stay organized on Super Bowl Sunday.  Credit goes to Microsoft, E-SPONDER, and Infusion.  Microsoft supplies the Surface unit, E-SPONDER supplied the connections to the security data network, and Infusion Development provided the Falcon Eye technology (the software […]
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Z2K9: Zune freeze issue due to leap year

The issue that made 30GB Zunes freeze on the last day of 2008 was apparently due to the code in the firmware for controlling leap year.  On the last day of a leap year the code hit an infinite loop because it got to day 366.
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Cloud Computing: Silverlight | Flash | Google

All the major players are getting their hands in the pot.  Microsoft is working on Live Mesh, as a starting point to their cloud computing platform; Apple has MobileMe, which is more just a service than a platform; and Google has all of their javascript web apps (Google Calendar, Google Docs, etc..). Now, I don’t […]
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Ballmer Schmall-mer: downplaying Google’s Android

“Microsoft starts taking shots at Google’s Android” while speaking at the Australian telecom Telstra’s annual investment day.  I don’t believe Ballmer holds any credibility when talking about the mobile market. As this article points out, “Ballmer said it was Google’s first phone operating system and designing one wasn’t easy. ‘They can hire smart guys, hire a lot […]
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“I’m a PC – and I’m buying a Mac”

They’re going to get a lot more responses like this with their “I’m a PC” recording booths outside the mac store.
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I love working at IdentityMine part2: PDC2008

Andrew Whiddett, IdentityMine‘s Vice President of Interactive Technology, is shown here playing with the photos application that IdentityMine built.   A large focus of the team at IdentityMine, and specifically Andrew, has been understanding at a code level what a user is trying to control when they click the screen – is the user trying to grab a picture, or pan the screen?  […]
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Presto Change-o: Windows 7

At about 33 seconds the real magic happens.. wait no 36 seconds… wait… 40. In Microsoft’s defense, Windows 7 still has (speculatively) another year until release.  Also, it could very likely be a hardware issue that was causing issues.
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I love working at IdentityMine: PDC2008

Working at IdentityMine definitely has its perks.  One of the biggest perks is getting to work with leading technology.  One of the technologies we’ve been able to play with and develops apps for is Microsoft Surface.  Check out this video taken at PDC today.  The video shows Meaghan McAllister, our marketing coordinator, showing off one of the photo applications that […]
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Apple’s latest ads: V-Word, Bean Counter

I was just browsing my rss feeds and saw that John Gruber made a quick post on his blog (good stuff, check it out) about Apple’s new V-Word commercial.  After reading his post and making my way over to the ads section of Apple’s website I noticed that they have another new commercial posted entitled […]
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“Apple Tax” rebuttal: “Microsoft Tax”

Take a look at this – AppleInsider’s report on Microsoft’s “Apple Tax” emails. Microsoft is completely missing the point, and this attack is just another to add on to the stack of poorly thought out advertisements (think Seinfeld).  From AppleInsider: “Even if Apple were to drop pricing, the Apple Tax still prices Macs well outside […]
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Microsoft Surface Applications: Interview

I was ambushed last Friday to demonstrate one of the default applications on Microsoft Surface, the photos application.  I work for IdentityMine, a software development company focused on UX.  We worked with Hotel 1000 to customize the applications on Surface.  We worked to customize the software on Surface to fit the needs of the Hotel by branding all […]
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Why I’m rooting for Apple: not just an Apple fanboy

For years Microsoft has been making huge contributions to the industry.  Much of the world runs on Microsoft products.  The position that Microsoft has gotten to today is a product of building great software and deploying it in a market where it holds over 90% of the share.  The more market share that Microsoft owns, […]
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