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Rebuilding an iPhone

I started tinkering with a couple broken iPhones during a conference call yesterday. I had received the broken iPhones from two friends that I work with.  One of the iPhones died by drowning (completely submerged and subsequently fried) and the other by paralysis – it had lost the use of its usb connection.  Plugging the […]
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USB 3.0 right around the corner

About a year and a half ago USB 3.0 was announced and demonstrated at the Intel Developer Forum.  A year later the development specification was completed.  Now, slated for 2010, USB 3.0 will arrive – 10X faster than USB 2.0.  That’s 5Gbps!  Amazing.  Exciting.
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Problems with the latest MacBook Nvidia update

I was going to ignore the issue until I saw this thread from AppleInsider.  People that were reportedly having problems with the integrated 9400M video cards in their late-2008 unibody MacBooks are still having problems with the latest driver update.  I had some problems a while back with my secondary display flickering, but I haven’t […]
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Mimobots: awesome gift idea

If you’re looking for a techie gift for a friend look no further than MIMOBOTS.  These little USB drives are perfect for adding a little of that more personal flavor to a technology oriented gift.  Available in 1, 2, 4, and 8 GB versions.
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Real shots from Macworld 2009 – MacBook Wheel replaces keyboard

If you’ve been looking forward to the new product releases being announced by Apple at the Macworld Expo, look no further than the new MacBook wheel, to be released sometime in the next 3 to 15 months.  This wheel efficiently and intuitively replaces the entire keyboard.  Watch the video.  You know you want to. Apple […]
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Camera thieves compromised by WiFi enabled SD card

Some idiots stole a camera from a friend of mine. “Idiots?  They can’t be that dumb, they got his camera didn’t they?” Yes, idiots, because apparently they didn’t check out the SD memory inside the camera, which happened to be an Eye-Fi card.  If they had been in the know, they would have known that […]
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2008 external storage solution

I need some sort of external storage solution that I can use to solve my file-sharing, non-backed up, multiple copies of files spread willy-nilly on different machines, too scattered to know where any of my files are, no central storage area problem.  I need a reliable storage unit as a central repository for all my […]
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