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I had big plans

Big plans for my blog.  I had them.  I really I did!  I wanted to share everything that I’ve learned over the years.  All of the weird things that I’d be like “hey did you know _____?!”  and my friends would be like “no way man!  That’s so cool! You are SOOO smart!” That never […]
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iPhone SDK tutorial: disconnecting your application from Interface Builder

This is a quick tutorial on disconnecting your iPhone project from Interface Builder using Xcode. When you initially start a new iPhone project in Xcode, you get a project that loads from a NIB file.  This NIB file describes a template for how visual elements are layed out on the screen. As a newbie to […]
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A blog about nothing

One thing I’ve been thinking about my blog lately is its current direction solely towards my interest in Apple and its products.  This is not what I had in mind when I created my blog – hence the title “devinsblog” not “myappleaddiction.” What I really had in mind was to give a glimpse into ALL […]
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