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Apple Open | Flash Closed

LOL at Jeff Zucker

Jeff Zucker of NBC in 2007: “We know that Apple has destroyed the music business…”
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Currently Reading: Managing Humans

I’ve read almost halfway through the book Managing Humans, by Michael Lopp, and just thought that I would post a quick update. Verdict: It has a lot of character, especially for a management book, and I really like it. Let me explain. The book is told from the point of view of the same fictional […]
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A 20 dollar blog post

I’ve always been a fan of  I like his content and I love his writing style.  Yesterday I read his post titled “A Disclosure” and liked it so much I bought his book. The book is called “Managing Humans” and you can get it at Amazon too if you like.  I’ll be sure to […]
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Belkin’s response to the fake reviews

An employee at Belkin was found on Mechanical Turk shelling out money to people that would write a good review for a Belkin product whether or not they even owned the item.  Belkin responded to all of the negative commentary about these findings at their website. We want to stress that this is an isolated […]
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Belkin business rep gets caught paying for fake product ratings

Some business representative at Belkin was caught paying people (through Amazon’s Mechanical Turk) to write product reviews with 100% ratings for different Belkin products – even if they had never used the product.  The article comes complete with a picture of the guy.  This is all I have to say…
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Taylor Graves on Social Media Marketing: Why not paying attention to social media is a mistake

Taylor Graves recently published a post about why companies should jump on the social media marketing bandwagon.   I won’t give away the whole post, but in it she outlines an example of how a company’s involvement in social media had an amazing positive effect for a company. This post falls directly in line with the […]
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Forward thinking your way to success

It’s no secret that being able to think ahead in whatever project or process you’re involved in is a valuable skill. Being able to plan a process or envision your next business move is important to becoming successful. In a recent conversation with a business executive, I was introduced to a good rule of thumb […]
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