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Stencil your way to the App Store Top 100

Incapable free-handers have no fear!  There is hope for you!  Design Commission is selling an iPhone stencil so that you can make sure your sketches are nearly perfect.  It’s pretty cheap too… $16.95.
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Get a LoD of this: Inflatable Street Art

Inflates with Subway air (or any other air provided by the city) – super awesome.
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Get a LoD of this: Videogame art

Take little trip to the past with Orioto’s videogame remake images.  Above is a remake of Zelda (duh ;). Many thanks to Mikaël Aguirre (Orioto on deviantART) for these beautiful creations.  You are truly talented.
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HDR Controversy

High Dynamic Range (HDR), is an imaging technique by which multiple exposures of the same object are composed together to make a richer image.  Take a look at this example for a good representation of the technique. However, the technique seems to be very controversial.  Lots of people seem to despise the use of HDR […]
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