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Android Fail

Can’t even view an html email?  I’m sure there must be something wrong with the html format, but still… this is pretty bad.  Take a look at the video. Posted over at
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iPhone beats Android 6 to 1

AppleInsider reports an estimate the the iPhone may have beat out the Android 6 to 1 in sales between October and the end of 2008.  This is great news for both sides.  For Apple this shows that iPhone sales are still strong compared to its competitors.  For Android this shows a great stride in adoption, […]
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G1: RC30 supposedly doesn’t change SIM unlock [unverified]

I’ve not been able to completely verify this, but I’ve heard through the grapevine that RC30 doesn’t effect the sim unlock, and only ruins the jailbreak (though the XDA developers have already found a way to keep your jailbroken status and have the RC30 update).
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Ballmer Schmall-mer: downplaying Google’s Android

“Microsoft starts taking shots at Google’s Android” while speaking at the Australian telecom Telstra’s annual investment day.  I don’t believe Ballmer holds any credibility when talking about the mobile market. As this article points out, “Ballmer said it was Google’s first phone operating system and designing one wasn’t easy. ‘They can hire smart guys, hire a lot […]
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AT&T G1: Unlocked

The G1 is going to need to lose the whole “T-Mobile” portion of its name now that it has been unlocked for use with other carriers. The video is unnecessarily long, but it shows how simple the unlock process is. UPDATE: The G1 is painfully slow on AT&T’s network because the 3G network for AT&T […]
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iPhone Mono 2.0 update: Android competition?

Word on the streets (acquaintance of a friend – he works on the Mono team) is that Mono 2.0 still has a ridiculous number of incompatibilities on the iPhone.  However, I’m not sure if this puts Mono 2.0 at a worse state than the old version of Mono, as there are lots of working mono/iphone […]
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Android SDK first look: SDK Setup

As Google is getting started with introducing it’s first phone to the market, the G1, I’m thinking that it’s about time I get to taking a look at the Android SDK.  I know, I know – I’m late.  Anyway, I got a chance to do just that today.  Real quick, here are my first thoughts: […]
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