My name is Devin Brown, and I’m in independent iPhone/iPad/Mac software developer based in Seattle, WA.  I usually have a few projects kicking around at a time.  Here are some past highlights.

2007 | Learned Silverlight and WPF.  Built an algorithm for displaying graph data using Silverlight 1.1

2007 | launched ET Online’s 50th Annual Emmy Awards website in Silverlight.  Ported same code for use on the Grammy Awards coverage.

2008 | Did a multitude of Silverlight projects for various clients, including MSN Video, Zune, General Mills.  Saw Bill Gates backstage at a Sharepoint conference where my hard work was being demoed on stage.

2008 | Started developing for iOS.

2009 | Helped deliver and launch the Microsoft Retail Store in Scottsdale, AZ and Mission Viejo, CA.  Grand Finale: on-site deployment for two weeks.

2009 | Built a Silverlight front-end for a large scale, server-backed video encoding system.

2010 | Wrote a video editing program for iOS.

2010 | Went to WWDC for the first time.  Had a blast.

2011 | Started working on an x-code 3 plugin, ported to xcode 4 after the xcode 4.1 developer preview was released to mac developers on the developer preview of Lion.

2011 | Started working on an iPad/iPhone game that I’m hoping will be done by 2012.  A lot of work and learning to do here, but I’m working with an awesome team.

2011 | Started working on a social card game for the iPhone/iPad.

2011 | Working on an iPhone front-end for Seattle based startup called Thoughtful. Hmm… should probably get my girlfriend a gift from there…