iPhone 4 reception issue

From a recent email I sent around the office…

“While ALL iPhone 4s actually have this problem (Craig, let me see you’re iPhone and I’ll show you 😉 and it is definitely DUMB that a world class mobile phone has an issue as stupid as “if you hold it in this way it doesn’t work,” I feel that it’s not THAT big of a deal. Simply moving my thumb half a centimeter “fixes” everything, and getting a case (which I ordered NOT because of the reception issue) completely resolves the issue.

The only unfortunate thing is that the iPhone hasn’t morphed into a phone that is also a computer. It’s still a computer that is also a phone. Maybe iPhone 5 will be called iRealPhone.

My official stance: MEGA FAIL but not a big deal. Sort of like running into a screen door.”

PS – I never believed that the issue could be fixed by reporting a different number of bars.  That software could fix an obvious hardware problem is silly.  However, the thought that perception of the public can be altered by software is an obvious one, and is the route that Apple took.  Suddenly the reception issue was perceptibly cut in half, because instead of going from 4 bars to none, you’re only going from two bars to none.  Steve, you’re so sly!

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