Apple vs Gizmodo | Picking on the little guy

I had the feeling last week that it kinda sucked that Gizmodo was getting so much heat for the whole situation.  It was making Apple look like a monster.  It’s not like leaks don’t happen for every other apple device/product – it happens quite frequently.

But then I read the post on daringfireball that was trying to drill things home for people:

Gizmodo isn’t being “punished severely for publishing information gained by others in unsavory ways”; they are being investigated by law enforcement for committing a felony themselves.

And then I read the note that Gizmodo received from Apple two months prior, stating that they shouldn’t give cash incentives to people that find leaked prototypes from Apple, because this sort of incentive is promoting people to break the law (breaking the law is illegal, FYI), and that this sort of action is against the law in itself.  Well F – they knew this was going to happen!

I’m now of the mind that Gizmodo is just a bunch of juvenile journalists…

oh wait…. I always thought that.

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