Where did March go?

March was a busy month. From finishing up a long project at work to attending MIX10 in Vegas (during which my twitter account got a couple seconds of fame during the keynote), I had little time to myself and no time to blog. I didn’t even have time to keep up on all things Apple (or any other tech news for that matter).

I did have time to hit up a couple shows in the Seattle area. I’ve been paying close attention to a local hiphop group that goes by the name Helladope. You should check them out:

“pleasureful, danceable, chunks of funk candy that you want to stick in your ear and leave there forever” – Niki Benson on SSG

“…one of Seattle’s premiere hip-hop acts” – Mike Ramos on EarCandy

I also moved out of my crazy small 630 sq. ft. apartment. I’m moving onto bigger and better rental spaces – 2100 sq. ft. house, baby! I’m loving it, but the entire place is empty. Time to buy some furniture I guess.

Anyway. I’m back, I’m alive, and I’m moving on to a new project at work and it’s all iPhone development. Should be good to get some more hours logged in Xcode. I get to geek out over the next couple months! Maybe I’ll find some time to write some more tutorials that go beyond “Hello World!”

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