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The absolute best way to improve your coding skills!

The absolute best way to improve your coding skills is to read the absolute best advanced MVVM book EVAR! If you’re programming WPF or Silverlight, don’t pass up the opportunity to give Advanced MVVM a read. Written by one of the best WPF developers in the known universe, it’s sure to be useful and worth […]
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AT&T brings back performance just in time for the iPad

Windows Mobile 7 Announced

Happy Friday! Here are a couple funny videos I saw this week

I love the Intel commercials! Pretty funny, especially from an engineers standpoint. [thanks Teresa!] Possibly NSFW! Drops an F bomb, but hey, so do people at work… [Thanks Karim!]
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How to deal with data loss

I bought my friend a 1 terabyte external hard drive for Christmas so he could back up all his stuff.  I invited him over last week so I could get some of his files off the hard drive. Before I copied it however, I was going to remove all the .DS files from his file […]
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Take that Engadget trolls!

I call BS

Umm… that’s an interesting analogy…

On the other side of the fence

Gunna have to go with Gruber on this one

Sounds mighty good

How is the iPad going to fit in?

The iPad.  It’s a large iPod Touch.  It doesn’t run OS X.  It doesn’t multitask.  It doesn’t have a camera.  It’s not a typical computer. It’s a new way to think about a tablet experience. Lots of folks have been criticizing the iPad for what it isn’t, instead of praising it for what it is. […]
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