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Best iPad Response

I see a tablet…

Google voice on the iPhone

Steve Jobs excited about new product

Successor to the NSX

best elevator music ever…

Thanks for the link Karim ūüôā
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A little perspective for Monday morning

As another week of hard work rolls around, I thought it might be appropriate to put things in perspective with a little game.  Enjoy!
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Thanks but no thanks

Build your own iPhone from scratch!

Stay tuned for a how-to article ¬†coming in 2021, right here on devinsblog! ¬†In the future it might not be so crazy of an idea… ¬†3d ¬†printers are finally getting down to the consumer level, to the point that they can build circuitry. ¬†Check out the video: RepRap from Adrian Bowyer on Vimeo.
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Apple tablet rumor version two

See Apple’s new creation

2010 MacBook Refresh Q1 and Q3 | Light Peak?

Earlier today, AppleInsider posted an image from an internal Intel email that was sent to all employees as part of their internal rewards structure. ¬†The image stated that they had a chance to win a new MacBook Pro “with the accelerated response of an Intel Core i5 processor.” ¬†This leads us all to believe that […]
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AT&T service FAIL at CES 2010

I was just reading¬†Engadget’s article about the best gadgets they used to help make their reporting of CES 2010 easier and more productive than ever. ¬†They listed the different camera setups that they used, including the Canon 7D for video, which they have some cool intro reviews for. ¬†Sadly, at the bottom of the list, […]
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Possible 2010 iPhone graphics processor upgrade?

PowerVR, maker of the graphics processor in the iPhone, just announced an update to the same line of graphics processors. ¬†It would be easy to speculate then, that the 2010 iPhone could possibly contain this chip upgrade. The new chip is the PowerVR SGX545, and it adds FULL support for DirectX 10.1, OpenGL 3.2, and […]
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Musical heaven with Audioengine A2 speakers

I went on vacation this weekend to musical heaven thanks to my new Audioengine A2 speakers.¬†There was a bit of a shipping delay, but let me tell you – the sound is well worth the wait! First impressions: On receiving the package I noticed that there was an inspection sticker on the box, stating that […]
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