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2010 iPhone to have 5 megapixel camera

Looks like the next generation of the iPhone that’s set to come out in 2010 might have a 5-megapixel camera.  DigiTimes reported that OmniVision has secured the order for 5 megapixel CMOS image sensors to be delivered to Apple.  They’re expecting to see sales of 40-45 million units. The speculation currently says that these units […]
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University of Washington spotlighted in Apple Hot News feed

If you subscribe to the Apple Hot News feed then you would have seen that the University of Washington (Go Huskies!) was spotlighted as a large connected campus with 14,000 handheld mobile devices on their wifi network,  about 90% of which are iPhones. “The community isn’t defined any longer by where we are,” says Grant […]
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Interactive Magazine on a Tablet PC

I could totally see myself loading up my tablet PC with a whole bunch of digital content like this before I got on a plane.
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Apple | iPhone | Tablet | AT&T recent news recap 2010

iPhone | AT&T Rumored that iPhone’s next big feature is going to be the Verizon Network – Also read the opposing argument about why a Verizon deal would be unlikely. Some possible feature inclusions AT&T warns of a clamp down on iPhone data hogs AT&T is starting to counter Verizon’s anti AT&T campaign Tablet: Rumored […]
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How NOT to pack your MacBook

This is the best reason I’ve seen so far to buy an incase sleeve for your macbook.  Specifically so that you don’t end up creating this mess: Pillow case + packing peanuts + bubble wrap = no bueno.  Incase sleeve = bliss.
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Apple ensures it’s future with the iTouch

A recent article from Flurry shows the promise of the future iPhone market through it’s iTouch users.  The idea is that all the younger people that own the iPod Touch are going to be the same people that later buy an iPhone when they can afford phone plans. When today’s young iPod Touch users age […]
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LOL at Jeff Zucker

Jeff Zucker of NBC in 2007: “We know that Apple has destroyed the music business…”
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Crime in the Apple Store

Crime doesn’t pay boys and girls. App developer Moliker has allegedly been scamming the app store by creating fraudulent reviews for its applications, of which it has over 1000.  That’s a lot of apps!  Apple has pulled them all from the App Store for the time being.  Read more at
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Reality-altering technology

Pranav Mistry, inventor of SixthSense technology, demos what I would call the best implementation of augmented reality I’ve seen to date.  Very typical of all the TED presentations!  Click on the image to go to the video.  It’s worth watching.
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Logitech Anywhere MX mouse review

One of the first things that always grabs my attention about a mouse is the physical appearance, and this mouse looks awesome.  I think it’s the low wide body wedge shape that captures my attention.  It almost seems shaped like a sports car, like a Lotus Exige, for example.  Maybe that’s a bit of a […]
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New beer world record

Tactical Nuclear Penguin, a 32% abv beer, brings in the title “Most alcoholic,” beating the former title holder, Schorschbraerm. From AsylumUK: Chief executive of Alcohol Focus Scotland, Jack Law, told The Sun: “The fact that they have achieved a new world record is not admirable.“It is a product with a lot of alcohol in it […]
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