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New reason to visit the Apple Store

If you’re like me and will use any excuse to take a trip to the Apple Store (even though you’ve been there a hundred times and know all of their products like the back of your hand) then I’ve got the excuse for you! Some Apple stores have upgraded their POS (Point Of Sale) devices […]
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Robin Williams named his daughter after a video game

I had no idea that Robin Williams was such a gamer.  Apparently, he plays Call of Duty AND he named his daughter after one of the greatest video games ever made – Zelda.  I was surprised when he said he got “owned” in Call of Duty.  Not that he actually got owned, but that he […]
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This weeks Pure Genius award goes to: The stories posted on this site are hilarious.  I haven’t read through them all but here are my favorites at the moment: “It’s like Twitter.  Except we charge people to use it.” The ducks in the bathroom are not mine. Matthew Apartment 3a. Enjoy…
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Apple store 360 feet from Microsoft Store

While the Microsoft Store was launching in Mission Viejo, CA at the end of October, the Apple store (360 feet away from the Microsoft store) was busily working on a remodel.  When I was there, the entire Apple store was stripped down – the drywall wasn’t even up yet. Here we are, less than a […]
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Wishlist | AudioEngine A2 Speakers

I’ve been speakerless in my Apartment for 2 years now.  My Altec Lansing 4.1 speakers finally died.  Just the bass actually, which is larger than my desktop machine so I threw it away.  My 690 sq ft. apartment doesn’t have room for that garbage unless it works! Anyway.  I threw them out and have been […]
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I had big plans

Big plans for my blog.  I had them.  I really I did!  I wanted to share everything that I’ve learned over the years.  All of the weird things that I’d be like “hey did you know _____?!”  and my friends would be like “no way man!  That’s so cool! You are SOOO smart!” That never […]
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Modern Warfare 3: The real deal

For all of you that bought Modern Warfare 2 came out today.   [via the onion] Ultra-Realistic Modern Warfare Game Features Awaiting Orders, Repairing Trucks
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