Lots of new “Augmented Reality” apps and ideas popping up

There are a lot of these new apps popping up that show you reality through a layer of “augmentation.”  It’s as close as the everyday consumer can get to having biometric contact lenses.  It’s pretty sweet to see what people have been coming up with lately:

There’s augmented reality by TAT, which does facial recognition to assign clickable metadata to a face (currently the metadata consists of different social media accounts).

Then there’s Layar, an application that can do “building recognition” (likely based on your location and the direction your phone is pointed instead of the actual picture of the building).  This is available for the Android OS, which is in use on phones such as the HTC Magic and the T-Mobile G1.  This is likely the same technology that we’re seeing in the new London Subway application (called “Nearest Tube” by acrossair) and the “stalk your children app” for the iPhone (below).

iPhone 3GS Augmented Reality from Chris Hughes on Vimeo.

And of course, the holograms on business cards that I posted a couple days ago:

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  1. […] All of these Augmented Reality applications have been popping up lately and it reminded me of the old XUI videos that I saw a while back. These XUI videos by Microsoft are an extremely sci-fi feeling, forward-thinking rendition of what computing could become and how it could impact our lives.  XUI would “totally” be possible through the use of augmented reality.  And with such great capability to interpret human movement even through today’s technology, like Microsoft’s Natal, I could see these XUI videos becoming reality.  We’re getting closer. […]

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