Toshiba TG01 – another one bites the dust…


Toshiba just announced it’s upcoming mobile phone, the TG01.  It looks promising aesthetically, and the hardware sounds pretty good (minus the touchscreen), but the OS on the phone (Windows Mobile 6) sort of ruins the whole experience.  The user interaction is TERRIBLE.  Little quirks about the phone’s interface ultimately gave this phone a bad review.  I noticed that SlashGear started off the introduction with the dreaded “iPhone Killer” question, but then nearly every paragraph in the article starts with a statement about some disappointing feature of the phone.  Reading the technical specs of the phone unveils a myriad of different things that would instantly take it out of any competition with the iPhone:

  1. Resistive touch screen – you actually have to push hard on the screen to make it register.  Traditionally, resistive touch screens also make it difficult to do any sort of dragging on the surface without the screen thinking your finger is bouncing along the surface, losing and regaining contact along the way.
  2. No 3.5mm headphone jack – SlashGear actually recommends that you buy bluetooth headphones.
  3. It’s running Windows Mobile.  Gross.  Because of this the entire interface of the phone is hard to use – buttons haven’t been sized correctly and the layout of the menus hasn’t been changed appropriately for this size of device.
  4. The web browsing experience is sub par for a device of that form factor.
  5. The keyboard’s spacebar is really… small.
  6. The list goes on and on…

My, what a large spacebar you have!

It does have a few things that the iPhone doesn’t have (which usually correlates to things that you don’t need), but some might see these as perks.

Read the whole review over at SlashGear.

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