Project Natal gets the couch off your butt

Project Natal is a “controller free gaming and entertainment experience” by Microsoft.  Natal is being created for the Xbox 360 game platform and is based on an add-on for the console that will enable you to interact via gestures, spoken commands, or other physical objects.  In case that doesn’t sound extremely exciting, take a look at this video, presented at the 2009 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3):

Got your attention?

The sensor device that is used has an RGB camera, depth sensor, multi-array microphone and can detect full body 3D motion capture, facial recognition, and voice recognition.   I’m surprised how well the sensors interpret the physical movement – it seems pretty accurate!

I would love to see the sensor device reach beyond gaming and make it’s way into productivity applications.  It would sure beat capturing gestures with a webcam like we’ve seen others doing.

For more complete coverage of the demonstrations of Natal at E3, check out my buddy’s new blog, Atom6. He’s got some more videos posted there as well.

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