Time to get your drive on with Forza 3

CornerBalance, a car blog that I’ve been following recently, just posted about a new video game release: Forza 3.

They were invited to a Forza Demo Event where there were real cars setup that attendees would get test in-game.  While the prominent aspect of every racing game is how well the cars simulate real cars, Corner Balance claims that even “The graphics were insanely beautiful– the scenery of mountains and ridges in the background were very photo realistic.”  They also said that “each of the cars had very distinctive feel to them and the in-cockpit view is pretty slick.”  The games current release date is set for October – and I’ll definitely be looking forward to playing it.

For a little background on Forza:

Forza is Microsoft’s answer to the Gran Turismo series of games, and even though the Gran Turismo series has been around for a long time, Forza really holds its own.  When the original Forza came out enjoyed Forza more than Gran Turismo because the physics engine seemed more realistic and the gameplay was faster – you actually felt like you were in a car instead of playing a video game.  I’m definitely excited for the third release!

For all the possible information that you could be looking for on Forza 3, head over to this website.

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