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iPhone 3G S Jailbreak possible

The iPhone Dev Team just released word that it will be possible for them to jailbreak the iPhone 3G S. It’ll take some time to work these into our tools, but the fundamental weaknesses are there:  The bootrom is exploitable via 24Kpwn, and the baseband is exploitable via ultrasn0w. They’ll be able to jailbreak it, […]
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The monty hall problem

You’re on a game show. There are three doors.  Behind one of the doors is a brand new car.  Behind the other two doors are goats.  Don’t ask me why they’re goats.  They’re just always goats. You’re asked to choose a door.  Let’s say you choose door number 1. The host of the show opens […]
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iPhone 3G S faster than iPhone 3G example video

The iPhone 3G S does feel faster doing just about everything (even just flipping through pages on the springboard). This video is a great comparison of the speed difference.
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Apple appologizes for activation delays with gift certificates

Looks like Apple is giving $30 iTunes gift certificates to the people that bought the iPhone 3G S and weren’t able to activate their phones for a couple days due to activation server delays.  They’ll be sending you an email if they found that you were affected by the server delays.  Take a look.
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Ridiculously awesome gymkhana video

This is me… …in my dreams. The driver in the video is Ken Block – a co-founder and Chief Brand Officer of DC Shoes. The car he’s driving is a 2008 Subaru STi that was custom built by Crawford Performance and the Skunkworks team.  It’s got 565 WHP, 590 ft/lb torque, and some custom valved […]
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Microsoft Bing a new contender?

I’m not sure what others have been saying about Microsoft’s new Bing search engine, but I just noticed that it was starting to make an appearance on my Google Analytics stats.  It’s referring the third most visits out of the 11 search engines that have made an impression on my blog in the past 30 […]
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Jailbreak tutorial for iPhone 3G: 3.0 OS

I just jailbroke my phone last night, but the experience was far from smooth.  I jailbroke my phone 3 times, and the first 2 times my phone couldn’t get any service form AT&T.  I’m posting this tutorial thread to help others overcome any of the same issues that I had. Step 1 Download PwnageTool from […]
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A cool iPhone 3G S design

This is a well done design idea for the iPhone 3G that was released well before the announcement that the externals of the iPhone were not going to have any design refresh.  I really Apple would have done something different to make the iPhone 3G S stand out, but maybe they’re holding off an external […]
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iPhone 3.0 software jailbroken | iPhone Dev Team

The iPhone Dev Team has (of course) already jailbroken the 3.0 software FOR IPHONE 3G USERS ONLY – NOT 3GS USERS.  They were able to hack the latest software so quickly because the beta version of the software was released many months ago, and they’ve had a chance to poke around.  Read their full post […]
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MMS | Tethering on iPhone 3.0

There are some great instructions over at TekNation for getting MMS and tethering to work on your iPhone.  The gist of it is: If you’re not interested in MMS, skip to step 3. If you’re interested in MMS you’re going to have to give AT&T a call to enable WAP Push on your device.  This […]
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TweetDeck for the iPhone

The iPhone version of the popular Twitter client TweetDeck has got Twitter users abuzz due to it’s cool interface.  I used it today and it was very responsive and fun to use.  I hope to see more apps like this one that go outside the box when it comes to the user interface.
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Project Natal gets the couch off your butt

Project Natal is a “controller free gaming and entertainment experience” by Microsoft.  Natal is being created for the Xbox 360 game platform and is based on an add-on for the console that will enable you to interact via gestures, spoken commands, or other physical objects.  In case that doesn’t sound extremely exciting, take a look […]
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What the world would be like without user interface design

Here’s a perfect example of how not to design a user interface.  I guarantee that I would get somebody killed driving this thing. Check out “How to: Drive a Ford Model T – Feature” on to see more pictures like this one:
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Stencil your way to the App Store Top 100

Incapable free-handers have no fear!  There is hope for you!  Design Commission is selling an iPhone stencil so that you can make sure your sketches are nearly perfect.  It’s pretty cheap too… $16.95.
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43 inch curved screen released today

Got $8000 dollars lying around?  Check out this curved screen.  It actually looks like it’s the same as this alienware curved monitor.  It’s got the same specs and, honestly, how many curved screens have you seen on the market. The biggest downfall to me is the resolution.  at 2880×900, it’s hardly a very high resolution.
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