Zune HD details released


The Zune HD was finally announced officially by Microsoft on Tuesday. Here are the quick details:

  • The Zune HD is targeted at the iPod Touch – it’s not a phone.  (Darn)
  • The screen is slightly smaller than the iPhone (480×272 vs 480×320), but so is the device.
  • The screen is OLED.
  • Multitouch is enabled, but they didn’t give details about how well it would work.
  • Zune HD will play HD content through an adapter only – not onto the Zune’s screen.
  • More details will be announced at E3.

There are three things that stick out to me:

  • Microsoft said that the Zune HD is not a ZunePhone, and that they’re not building a ZunePhone. However, Microsoft is still working on a phone offering that will integrate into your Zune music.  This ties in with what Microsoft is saying about driving their Zune brand “deeper” into the Microsoft community.
  • Zune HD Radio?  Cool.
  • The development story for the Zune was unannounced, besides their statement about it running on a highly modified version of Windows CE – which really means the development story could like like anything.

More details will be announced at E3.

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