Multitouch in the mud

tom gerdhardt’s mud computer at itp 2009’s spring show from Gizmodo on Vimeo.

I’m not sure I can see how applicable this sort of interface would be for typical computing, unless it could be blown up to a large scale and used on a construction site or something.  What I’m more interested in are the possibilities of what could be gained from using this as a brainstorm tool: by interacting with the mud, what sort of cool new interactions can we create?  What sort of gestures can we think of for a flat surface?  Or maybe we can get ideas for a new peripheral device?  Tom Gerhardt, the creator of Mud Tub seems to think somewhere along the same lines:

With my most current work, the Mud Tub, I am particularly excited to see the impact mud has on an user’s attitude toward interacting with computers; they instantly seem to “feel at home,” as if they had found something missing. This spark I see in people is what keeps my research into organic interfaces moving forward

I guess we can all wait and see…  Or better yet, take a part in all of this brainstormy goodness.  Share your thoughts and ideas in general over at the NUI Group.

Thanks again to that clever monkey for the mud tub news.

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