Best explanation of Apple’s 10-inch screen purchase

Admittedly, I haven’t really payed much attention to everybody’s theories about why Apple purchased so many 10 inch screens, but of those that I have payed attention to, this one caught my eye the most:

Almost overnight Apple became a dominate player in the music business. The next night they completely changed the mobile phone business. The following night they became a major player in the video gaming industry. The question is: What’s next?

It’s my theory – and that’s all it is – that the 10” screen will be a new video platform. Where the iPod came to dominate music players and the iPhone has become a seemingly unstoppable force in the mobile phone industry, the 10” mystery device will be Apple’s foray into a portable video game and video movie players.

I would love to see a 10″, sleek, sexy version of one of these huge ass tables…


[quote via theclevermonkey]

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