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I’ve read almost halfway through the book Managing Humans, by Michael Lopp, and just thought that I would post a quick update.

Verdict: It has a lot of character, especially for a management book, and I really like it.

Let me explain.

The book is told from the point of view of the same fictional character Michael Lopp uses on his website: Rands.  Rands is semi-fictional, just like all the characters and stories in his book – while they derive from real experiences and situations they’re actually fake.  But they do an amazing job conveying the message.

I like that the book doesn’t sound too definitive.  At no point do I get the feeling that this book has the exact answers, but at every point I keep thinking about how the concepts apply to my own job (I’m a software developer by the way…).  Not feeling like I’m reading a text book makes me feel more relaxed and actually helps me process the information better.

Anyway… I like the book.  It’s easy to read, makes me think, and is funny at times.  I’m reading for pleasure yet I’m still learning so much.  Thanks Rands.

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