How I use Twitter and why I love it

I’ve been using Twitter for a few months now, and in these few months I’ve made a couple discoveries.

The first thing I love about Twitter is that it has different uses.  Some use it as a place to congregate with their friends or connect with new people.  Others want to promote their business or blog.  Some just want to share all the cool stuff they find around the net.  Then of course there are those that don’t share  just want to read what others are sharing.

I use Twitter for three reasons: To connect with people, find interesting news, and promote my blog.

Connecting with people
There are lots of reasons why people want to be connected with other people.  By nature I think that most of us want to be connected.  Twitter is no exception.

Find interesting news
Most of us have configured ourselves to search for information in a specific way: every day we check the CNN headlines, maybe check Digg, browse through the 100 RSS feeds you’re subscribed to (you should subscribe to my RSS feed too, btw) and check other favorite sites.  We do this everyday.  We get sucked into this pattern.  Twitter refreshes my browsing habits and lets me explore again.  My favorite reason for using Twitter is that it’s a great source of unique information. I’m connected to a whole bunch of people that don’t have the same browsing habits as me – they frequent different sites and have other avenues for information.  Then they post the most interesting things that they find, leaving me with the cream of the crop.

“Great, so now I’m following 10,000 people, and they’ve all posted cool stuff.  How on earth am I going to read everything from all these people?”

Sit back.  Relax.  You don’t have to.

I open up twitter when I’m bored with my usual news sources.  You don’t have to worry about catching everything.  Just read the latest tweets, or read what your friend’s have been up to.  It’s like plugging in to the conversation highway for a few minutes just to see what people are talking about.  If something is really exciting there will be lots of people talking about the same thing.

Promoting my blog
Twitter can be used as a tool.  I find the “Twitter=tool” analogy to be the key to making Twitter useful for me.  At first Twitter felt like a very personal experience – that there were rules in the Twitter world: only follow people that you really care about, don’t follow strangers, keep in touch with all your followers.  I quickly realized that in this sense Twitter was very small for me, and not very useful.  Then I saw somebody describe Twitter as a tool.  I began thinking: well wait a minute, why not add a whole bunch of strangers that twitter about things I’m interested in?  Maybe they have something interesting to say, and maybe they’ll be interested in what I have to say.  Sure enough – I started adding people and they started adding me back. More followers equals more blog exposure. This also led to me to realize how much cool stuff everybody is posting…

For those that do check out my blog via Twitter – thanks for reading 🙂  You’re posts are equally appreciated.

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