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Rands on Twitter

Rands on Twitter: Twitter spam. Really? Are you even paying attention? I’ll say it again, you choose who you follow. If you’re following a newsbot, you’re going to get news spam. If you follow a good friend who can’t stop RTing, you’re going to to get retweet spam, but complaining about it is like standing […]
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I dropped my iPhone -> best iPhone case

I dropped my iPhone a couple days ago.  I was walking to my car, pulled out my iPhone, and… crap.  It’s got a scratch.  Wait… no… it’s got a crack!  Dang. Just a few days ago one of my coworkers was admiring how shiny the back of my iPhone was.  Barely any scratches – it […]
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Currently Reading: Managing Humans

I’ve read almost halfway through the book Managing Humans, by Michael Lopp, and just thought that I would post a quick update. Verdict: It has a lot of character, especially for a management book, and I really like it. Let me explain. The book is told from the point of view of the same fictional […]
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What I’ve been up to

I apologize for the lack of posts over the past few days.  Things have been crazy with work.  I’ve been pulling those 12 hour days. Unfortunately when the weekend came I didn’t find much comfort in relaxation.  Instead I spent money on buying  I’ve proceeded to spend almost my entire weekend coding the website […]
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Sign hackers strike Bellevue, Washington

Earlier this week I posted a picture of a road sign that had been hacked to show the text “ZOMBIES AHEAD.”  Clicking the picture took you to the Jalopnik web site where they’ve posted a tutorial on hacking the signs.  Funny that today I see it in the news, not more than 20 minutes from […]
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Dinner at Black Bottle

Just got back from a great dinner at Black Bottle in Seattle.  In attendance were some members of the WPF and Silverlight community.  Topics of discussion involved Silverlight, Live Mesh, MIX09 (and reminiscing of previous MIX adventures), Surface, Maya 3D software, and some WPF talk mixed in there.  Lots of great topics.  There’s never a […]
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Note to my Twitter followers/followings

I was about to clean up the list of people that I’m following on Twitter today.  My criteria were simple: If you haven’t said anything interesting or posted a link to anything interesting in your most recent page of tweets, then I’m going to stop following you. After searching through a whole bunch of people […]
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How I use Twitter and why I love it

I’ve been using Twitter for a few months now, and in these few months I’ve made a couple discoveries. The first thing I love about Twitter is that it has different uses.  Some use it as a place to congregate with their friends or connect with new people.  Others want to promote their business or […]
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Future of Technology

This is sort of a “look how far we’ve come” video, as well as a “welcome to reality” video.  The video is pretty long, but there are lots of useless facts in it that you could randomly spout out to your work buddies.  That’s what I do… I saw this first over at NetGenDesign.
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Car envy: Hulme CanAm Coupe concept

This car looks sweet.  It debuted just last week at the New Zealand A1GP. It contains the same 600 HP 7.0 Liter V8 as the Corvette Z06.  It’s been in development for 5 years and is still in the testing stages.  It’s shooting for a 0-62 MPH in under 3 seconds with a top speed […]
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Wait… what is the point of this?

It’s amazing the sort of topics that get people’s attention now-a-days…  The topic here is “Videogame characters that are probably delicious“.  The author, Jim Sterling, actually went through the time to pick characters that were not obvious food choices (like Dizzy the egg), and post what they probably taste like and how to cook them. […]
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Get a LoD of this: Traffic signs

The zombies are causing traffic problems again… Clicking the image will NOT take you to instructions on how to “hack” one of the above traffic signs. </lie>
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Super Bowl + Bridgestone = funny commercial

I was actually going to post a whole list of the great Super Bowl commercials that I saw today, but it seems that most of them aren’t online yet, or at least aren’t popular enough for me to get to them quickly. So here’s just one of my favorites instead. Maybe I’ll add to the […]
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Problems with the latest MacBook Nvidia update

I was going to ignore the issue until I saw this thread from AppleInsider.  People that were reportedly having problems with the integrated 9400M video cards in their late-2008 unibody MacBooks are still having problems with the latest driver update.  I had some problems a while back with my secondary display flickering, but I haven’t […]
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