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Get a LoD of this: Great photos of the Inauguration of President Obama

Here’s a great collection of photos from the Inauguration of President Barack Obama. “Yes we can…”
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iPhone coding tutorial: Hello world!

In this tutorial I will walk you through the creation of a Hello World application.  I know that Apple already has a Hello World! sample that you can look at, but if you’re just getting started that’s not enough of a walk through to show you what’s going on. This will be more than just […]
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Apple has such high standards, yet App Store developers make money on crapplications

Apple has very high standards for their products.  This is their key to success.  Ironically, the key to success for many App Store software developers has been to create “crapplications”, or “crapware”.  Says High Gloss, creator of Sound Grenade: “Do some market research, work out that most of the people that download free apps are […]
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Still obvious: No iPhone Nano

January 21st posted at Apple Insider: Tim Cook on not playing in the low-end voice phone market: “our goal is not to be the unit share leader in the phone industry. It is to build the best phone.” Thank you Tim…
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iPhone beats Android 6 to 1

AppleInsider reports an estimate the the iPhone may have beat out the Android 6 to 1 in sales between October and the end of 2008.  This is great news for both sides.  For Apple this shows that iPhone sales are still strong compared to its competitors.  For Android this shows a great stride in adoption, […]
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99Games iPhone App review: Chess Lite and Chess Pro

Platform: iPhone Application Name: Chess Lite | Chess Pro Application Type: Game Game-Genre: Strategy Cost (Chess Lite | Chess Pro): $0.99 | $3.99 Powered by: 99Games Summary: Wanna play chess? Chess Lite and Chess Pro are two great ways to play chess for cheap.   Being a $0.99 app, Chess Lite is obviously just a teaser […]
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Belkin’s response to the fake reviews

An employee at Belkin was found on Mechanical Turk shelling out money to people that would write a good review for a Belkin product whether or not they even owned the item.  Belkin responded to all of the negative commentary about these findings at their website. We want to stress that this is an isolated […]
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Belkin business rep gets caught paying for fake product ratings

Some business representative at Belkin was caught paying people (through Amazon’s Mechanical Turk) to write product reviews with 100% ratings for different Belkin products – even if they had never used the product.  The article comes complete with a picture of the guy.  This is all I have to say…
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99Games iPhone application: Jigsaw Wild review

Platform: iPhone Application Name: Jigsaw Wild Application Type: Game Game-Genre: Puzzle Cost: $1.99 Powered by: 99Games Summary: If you’re looking for a simple jigsaw puzzle game then look no further.  Jigsaw Wild is a simple Jigsaw puzzle game with an exotic wildlife theme, hence the “Wild” in the title. Pictures: 8/10 The photos the game […]
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Get a LoD of this: Revving Maserati engine has a biological effect on women.

Maybe it’s a bogus study, but reports: A study conducted by British insurance company Hiscox reveals that the sound of a revving Maserati engine has a biological effect on women. Those who took part in the study listened to a variety of engine sounds from a number of cars, and after hearing the Maserati […]
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Get a LoD of this: How a book saved Ari Brouillette’s life

This is simply the best Amazon book review ever.  Check out the number of people that found it helpful.  98.3%!
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MIX09 10K smart coding challenge

If you haven’t already submitted your code for the Mix09 10K smart coding challenge then you better get on it.  There are quite a few Silverlight applications here so if you’re looking for what people can do with a few lines of code go check it out.  Even if you don’t code you should go […]
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370Z and the Nissan SynchroRev Match technology

As a 350Z owner I was obviously pretty excited to hear about the release of the 370Z.  I watched the news for the spy photos and now that the 370Z is here, I’ve read all the reviews.  I have yet to drive one and I can’t wait to sit myself in someones driver seat (if […]
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Get a LoD of this: Trooper has a nice car

Click on the picture to follow the Digg link and see comments.
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Mimobots: awesome gift idea

If you’re looking for a techie gift for a friend look no further than MIMOBOTS.  These little USB drives are perfect for adding a little of that more personal flavor to a technology oriented gift.  Available in 1, 2, 4, and 8 GB versions.
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