Xcode error 0xE8000001, can’t install iPhone applications

I was having a wild time on Friday night – I was drinking [smoothie] and making some sweet advances on the hot [uni] body [MacBook] that was resting next to me.  Yes – I was making small breakthroughs in iPhone coding.  Okay, so maybe it wasn’t THAT wild on Friday night, but I have a pulled hamstring as an excuse.  Less excuses, more explanations!  I get it.

In order to successfully deploy your application on to your iPhone for debugging you have to set up a provisioning profile at the iPhone Dev Center in your Program Portal.  Deploying the provisioning profile into Xcode is where things start to get tricky.  I saw lots of people in the forums having trouble matching up their Bundle IDs with their Provisioning profile.  This wasn’t my issue though – I could deploy my Application once, but then the second time it never worked.

I noticed that in the Xcode Organizer under my phone’s console that the error was the following:

Fri Jan 23 22:50:12 unknown afcd[217] : user mobile has uid 501
Fri Jan 23 22:50:12 unknown afcd[217] : mode is 0x41e8

So I Googled this hoping to find an answer.

Finally I found what I was looking for: this post. This was just what I needed.  THANK YOU!

Apparently, the iPhone has a public staging folder that has trouble getting cleared: /private/var/mobile/Media/PublicStaging. After uninstalling my application in the Xcode Organizer (scroll through the applications, select your application and press the minus button) and clearing the application out of the PublicStaging folder on the iPhone I was able to successfully build and debug my application on my iPhone.  I realize that this may present a problem to some people – you can only access this folder on your phone if you have a jailbroken iPhone.  Well, now is as good a time as any to jailbreak it!  You’ll need to install SSH or netatalk on your phone after you jailbreak it to communicate with your Mac and delete the files.

What’s weird is that sometimes the PublicStaging folder on the iPhone works just fine and clears properly, but other times it leaves a copy of the application there and I have to manually delete it.  I actually had a lot of applications in this folder.  Deleting all of them seemed to fix my problems…

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