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Interactive YouTube game

There’s an interactive game on YouTube that utilizes the new integrated advertising feature to play a 30 level game.  Test it out, see if you like it.  Not the greatest experience because it’s on YouTube but it’s still pretty unique…  The game starts below, with level one.
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Seattle earthquake: I knew I felt something…

Last night there was an earthquake here, near Seattle.  It happened at 5:25 in the morning.  I live on the 6th floor of an apartment building and I felt the bed shaking and heard my bookshelf rattling.  I thought either there was an earthquake or the people downstairs were… Doing laundry. Sure enough, when I […]
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Get a LoD of this: This guy is GOOD. Real good.

This guy is good.  Real good.  Watch him jam out to his own beats.  Below are what I consider the best ones. Don’t forget to check out his website and read his about page. UPDATE: Crap!  I forgot to give his name.  “This guy” is Ronald Jenkees. And my personal favorite:
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Super Bowl Security commanded by Microsoft Surface

Looks like the Microsoft Surface unit is going to be a key player in helping the security team stay organized on Super Bowl Sunday.  Credit goes to Microsoft, E-SPONDER, and Infusion.  Microsoft supplies the Surface unit, E-SPONDER supplied the connections to the security data network, and Infusion Development provided the Falcon Eye technology (the software […]
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School these days: advanced StarCraft strategy course

I wish this advanced StarCraft stategy course was offered at my school.  Of course, I would have been a guest lecturer (shameless ego boost) and not a student, but it would have still been awesome.  This is supposed to be a DeCal class taught by students at UC Berkeley. UPDATE: Yes, I think this might […]
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WPF and SL developers using Twitter

Yesterday I found the list of iPhone developers that are on Twitter.  Today I decided to start a google spreadsheet Twitter list that has all the WPF and Silverlight developers on it.  If you want your name on the list just go to this form. You’ll also be able to follow all of these users […]
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Looking for all the iPhone developers using Twitter?

I was reading Jeff LaMarche’s iPhone Development blog and saw that Tim Haines (developer of the BurnBall iPhone game) has put up a google spreadsheet document that all the iPhone developers can put their twitter accounts on.  There’s even a ruby script that somebody made so that you can add them all at once!  Pretty […]
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A 20 dollar blog post

I’ve always been a fan of  I like his content and I love his writing style.  Yesterday I read his post titled “A Disclosure” and liked it so much I bought his book. The book is called “Managing Humans” and you can get it at Amazon too if you like.  I’ll be sure to […]
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Check out these Mix10K applications

There’s a 10K coding challenge being presented for MIX09.  From their site: “The grand prize winner will live large at MIX09 – they’ll receive a pass to the MIX09 event, 3 nights at The Venetian Hotel and a $1500 Visa gift card. The community choice winner will receive a $1500 visa gift card. And, three […]
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Get a LoD of this: An amazing work of ant

Amazing.  Impressive.  An ant superhighway.
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Quick Tip: free up space in Mac OS X by removing printer drivers

If you’re looking to free up a little bit of space you can safely delete all of the printer drivers that come installed on your system by deleting all the folders in /Library/Printers.  Should free up about 3 GB of space.  Safe and effective.
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Going green | Teardrop shaped electric car: Aptera 2e

If you live in California you might just see this 3-wheeled electric car cruising people to work.  It’s not good for much else because it’s a two-seater and only has a range of 100 miles per charge.  I can’t see a lot of storage room in there anywhere for groceries… Anyway, as far as the […]
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Xcode error 0xE8000001, can’t install iPhone applications

I was having a wild time on Friday night – I was drinking [smoothie] and making some sweet advances on the hot [uni] body [MacBook] that was resting next to me.  Yes – I was making small breakthroughs in iPhone coding.  Okay, so maybe it wasn’t THAT wild on Friday night, but I have a […]
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Objectified trailer: an up coming design documentary

Premieres in March
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