Next generation iPhone to use Intel Moorestown processor?

It would be interesting to see the next generation iPhone use the Intel Moorestown processor.  I have no definitive answers, but definitely a few interesting facts to think about.

  1. If the next generation iPhone was made using Intel’s Moorestown processor the iPhone could become less secure from hackers due to the x86 architecture that the processor would use.
  2. The current iPhone uses PowerVR graphics that are powered by Imagination Technologies, which Apple just invested 5 million dollars in (3.6% of the company).  This graphics core will also be found in the Moorestown processor.  This only indicates that the graphics cores are consistent across both its current processor and the future Moorestown processor.
  3. The current speculated release date for the next generation iPhone is 2009/2010, which agrees with the release date for the Moorestown processor – if the next iPhone does use the Moorestown processor I would bet strongly that it would be 2010, not 2009.
  4. Apple acquired PA Semi, a “fabless” chip designer.  PA Semi has been working with ARM processors so it was believed that Apple acquired them strictly to create ARM processors (especially for the iPhone) – but this could be far from the reality.  There are numerous reasons Apple might have wanted to acquire PA Semi, including the speculation that Apple may have a netbook in the works – it is possible PA Semi could be working on that as well.

This one isn’t important enough for a number on the list, but lets not forget when two Intel employees publicly bashed on Apple’s iPhone either…  could this have been in response to Apple neglecting to use the Moorestown processor?  Or were these two employees just spouting off about nothing?  Probably the latter but there’s always the possibility…

Regardless of the overall outcome I’m sure that whatever Apple is cooking up for the next version of the iPhone we can all expect to be happily surprised with.

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