Stranded in San Diego

I’m supposed to be at home right now.

After my vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, we were flying back through the Dallas/Forth Worth Airport and our Seattle flight was canceled.  They told us that we’d be stuck for another 48 hours!  So we decided to try and get a flight from DFW to San Diego and then from San Diego to Seattle.  By the time we made it to San Diego, however, our new Seattle flight had been canceled as well.  Dang.  Luckily my uncle lives in San Diego and I’m currently crashing at his house with my girlfriend.

Here are some pictures that my family sent from Seattle.  Lots of snow!

December 21st: Looks like about 6-8 inches.

Morning of December 22nd: Looks like about 2 feet! Craziness…

Now, if only it weren’t raining in San Diego…

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