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Next generation iPhone to use Intel Moorestown processor?

It would be interesting to see the next generation iPhone use the Intel Moorestown processor.  I have no definitive answers, but definitely a few interesting facts to think about. If the next generation iPhone was made using Intel’s Moorestown processor the iPhone could become less secure from hackers due to the x86 architecture that the […]
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The real reason the AT&T exclusive iPhone contract expires 2010 | new iPhone release

NOTE: If you’re looking for information on the new iPhone 3GS announced at WWDC 2009, click HERE. In the US, AT&T has an exclusive contract to support the iPhone.  No other carriers can sell or officially support the iPhone.  This deal between Apple and AT&T was originally due to end in 2009. This date was […]
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Taylor Graves on Social Media Marketing: Why not paying attention to social media is a mistake

Taylor Graves recently published a post about why companies should jump on the social media marketing bandwagon.   I won’t give away the whole post, but in it she outlines an example of how a company’s involvement in social media had an amazing positive effect for a company. This post falls directly in line with the […]
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Stranded in San Diego

I’m supposed to be at home right now. After my vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, we were flying back through the Dallas/Forth Worth Airport and our Seattle flight was canceled.  They told us that we’d be stuck for another 48 hours!  So we decided to try and get a flight from DFW to San Diego […]
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Apple’s new in-ear headphones: AppleInsider review

Check out this great review by AppleInsider on Apple’s new in-ear headphones.
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A blog about nothing

One thing I’ve been thinking about my blog lately is its current direction solely towards my interest in Apple and its products.  This is not what I had in mind when I created my blog – hence the title “devinsblog” not “myappleaddiction.” What I really had in mind was to give a glimpse into ALL […]
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Latest MacBook update didn’t fix external monitor

One of the issues that I mentioned in my post about Apple’s latest unibody MacBook firmware update was that my external monitor flickers and freaks out when it comes out of power save mode (when the screen goes off, computer still on).  I was hoping that the latest update would fix it, but it seems […]
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Firefox 3.1 Beta adds support for 3-finger gesture

Finally!  Many complaints about Firefox lately have revolved around the lack of support for the late-2008 Unibody MacBooks’ multi-touch trackpad, particularly the 3-finger gestures.  This feature has already been built in to Safari and allows users to go back in history (3-finger swipe left) or go forward (3-finger swipe right) – finally Firefox has adopted […]
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Late-2008 Unibody MacBook Update

There’s a firmware update out for the late-2008 unibody MacBooks.  Maybe it’ll fix my issues with the external monitor going crazy when the screen comes back on after going dark (from energy saving).  Others have been complaining about how the MacBooks come out of sleep if you remove anything from the USB ports while in […]
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Apple’s new LED Cinema Display gets a review from Computerworld

Now if only I could justify the purchase of this amazing display…
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In preparation for Macworld expo 2008: developer podcasts

In preparation for the Macworld expo I’ve been brushing up on all things Apple. As a developer, the first thing that caught my attention was the Mac Developer Roundtable podcast series. Be sure to have a listen!
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I love Google Reader

You should too. It also works great on the iPhone in MobileSafari for news on the go.
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Apple stands for quality: no cheap MacBook on the horizon

[This article is intended to be read within the context of my other post: Apple’s NetBook release stategy | Redefining “netbook”] Last Friday, AppleInsider posted an article about Apple releasing a netbook – I disagree with this as the term is currently defined.  AppleInsider then goes on to say that it’s believed by some that […]
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Apple’s NetBook release strategy | Redefining “netbook”

Lately there’s been a lot of talk about Apple reducing it’s notebook pricing and coming out with a cheap MacBook that would be able to reside in the netbook segment of the market.  This has created a lot of controversy around whether or not Apple should release a cheap product.  Apple has stated that they […]
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Apple Tax: overused and reiterated

I think this article explains Apple Tax the best.  I know the term has been talked about way too much lately, but I feel I need to reiterate it.  It’s annoying to see people complaining about one of the only computer manufacturers that really cares about the entire computer experience, from physical appearance all the […]
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