Intel in the doghouse – apologizes to Apple

Intel says sorry to Apple

Steve Krazits, over at also noted that this fiasco may raise the question of “just how strained the relationship between the world’s largest chip maker and Apple… has become this year.”

It’s no wonder that there could be tension between the two companies – while they seem to work well together, both of their strategies are at odds against each other. 

Apple’s philosophy is to make a piece of machinery that is unique, inside and out – a machine that is custom tailored to do exactly what the machine was built for.  Their success is largely in their simplicity. 

Intel has a similar philosophy – build a single processor for a given market that is custom tailored for a specific purpose. 

Intel’s processors however, are not custom tailored to the Apple’s systems, as Apple would probably hope.  They are the same processors that can be had at any retail store, for any laptop.  Apple currently has to rest at custom tailoring the rest of the computer, since the Intel chip in its desktop and notebook computers are just too good to pass up.

Anyway, just interesting to note as we watch to see how the relationship between the two companies unfolds.  For performance sake, lets hope it turns out for the better.

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