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“I’m a PC – and I’m buying a Mac”

They’re going to get a lot more responses like this with their “I’m a PC” recording booths outside the mac store.
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I love working at IdentityMine part2: PDC2008

Andrew Whiddett, IdentityMine‘s Vice President of Interactive Technology, is shown here playing with the photos application that IdentityMine built.   A large focus of the team at IdentityMine, and specifically Andrew, has been understanding at a code level what a user is trying to control when they click the screen – is the user trying to grab a picture, or pan the screen?  […]
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AT&T G1: Unlocked

The G1 is going to need to lose the whole “T-Mobile” portion of its name now that it has been unlocked for use with other carriers. The video is unnecessarily long, but it shows how simple the unlock process is. UPDATE: The G1 is painfully slow on AT&T’s network because the 3G network for AT&T […]
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Presto Change-o: Windows 7

At about 33 seconds the real magic happens.. wait no 36 seconds… wait… 40. In Microsoft’s defense, Windows 7 still has (speculatively) another year until release.  Also, it could very likely be a hardware issue that was causing issues.
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I love working at IdentityMine: PDC2008

Working at IdentityMine definitely has its perks.  One of the biggest perks is getting to work with leading technology.  One of the technologies we’ve been able to play with and develops apps for is Microsoft Surface.  Check out this video taken at PDC today.  The video shows Meaghan McAllister, our marketing coordinator, showing off one of the photo applications that […]
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Intel in the doghouse – apologizes to Apple

Intel says sorry to Apple.  Steve Krazits, over at also noted that this fiasco may raise the question of “just how strained the relationship between the world’s largest chip maker and Apple… has become this year.” It’s no wonder that there could be tension between the two companies – while they seem to work well […]
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Mobile device CPU Wars: ARM vs Intel: iPhone vs Moorestown MID

We all know and remember the AMD vs. Intel battle of the past, but now Intel’s back to take on another three letter word – ARM.  Today ushers in a new era of CPU wars, but this time we’re looking at entry into a market that doesn’t reside in our homes and offices, but directly […]
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Apple going BIG, not going home

Apple knows exactly what the phrase “Go big or go home” truly means – and they’ve proved that with the success of their iPhone. From an AppleInsider article: “RIM has been selling its popular devices for nearly eight years, and achieved peak sales this year after doubling its sales year over year. Apple’s ability to […]
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iPhone Mono 2.0 update: Android competition?

Word on the streets (acquaintance of a friend – he works on the Mono team) is that Mono 2.0 still has a ridiculous number of incompatibilities on the iPhone.  However, I’m not sure if this puts Mono 2.0 at a worse state than the old version of Mono, as there are lots of working mono/iphone […]
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Apple’s latest ads: V-Word, Bean Counter

I was just browsing my rss feeds and saw that John Gruber made a quick post on his blog (good stuff, check it out) about Apple’s new V-Word commercial.  After reading his post and making my way over to the ads section of Apple’s website I noticed that they have another new commercial posted entitled […]
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Made my way to the apple store…

Finally made my way into the Apple store so that I could see the new Macbook in person.  I have to say that it really sticks the Macbook Air into no-mans land.  Why would you buy an Air when the Macbook is ridiculously cheaper and looks just as good?  Sure, maybe it’s not as thin, but […]
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Learn to develop on the iPhone – one step at a time

There’s a great site over at  Everyday they post a new tutorial on programming iPhone applications.  Their idea is to make baby steps to get people started.  Kind of reminds me of i-app-a-day from back in the Installer days.
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You get what you pay for

Watch the video. ‘Nuff said..
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“Apple Tax” rebuttal: “Microsoft Tax”

Take a look at this – AppleInsider’s report on Microsoft’s “Apple Tax” emails. Microsoft is completely missing the point, and this attack is just another to add on to the stack of poorly thought out advertisements (think Seinfeld).  From AppleInsider: “Even if Apple were to drop pricing, the Apple Tax still prices Macs well outside […]
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Apple October 2008 Media Event: Apple sad about leaks

Apple is having a media event today to announce their notebook redesigns.  Macworld arguably has the best live post coverage. In the past couple weeks there have been a lot of leaks as to the specifics of the redesign, with photos and specifications leaked from sources all over the place (pictures from China, pricing from BestBuy, […]
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