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Why I’m rooting for Apple: not just an Apple fanboy

For years Microsoft has been making huge contributions to the industry.  Much of the world runs on Microsoft products.  The position that Microsoft has gotten to today is a product of building great software and deploying it in a market where it holds over 90% of the share.  The more market share that Microsoft owns, […]
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Collaborating with NUI group

I just signed up with NUI group’s online forum.  NUI Group is the Natural User Interface Group, and it sounds like they have a great headstart on developing an open community – they’ve got a breeding ground for multitouch collaboration.  It looks like they have lots of active members that are just as interested in […]
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Next generation computing: multitouch

The next generation of computing is coming in many new forms.  From easier to use interfaces on our classic point and click desktop and laptop machines, to all sort of new multitouch experiences:  HP’s upcoming multitouch screen, Apple’s pending multitouch interfaces, Microsoft’s Surface platform, Perceptive pixel’s multitouch screen and others.  This next generation of technology is […]
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iPhone SDK programming

Exploring the SDK is coming to a close.  I think I’ve almost exhausted all of the possibilities out of the SDK.  Lately I’ve been focused on exploring the iPhone SDK and working out some of the workflow between Interface Builder and XCode.  While the tools for Mac development are free, they aren’t as helpful as the […]
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iPhone tethering results

I know I’m late to get on the bandwagon, but I finally tethered my phone just for kicks.  Actually, if you must know, I really did it in response to the AppleInsider article stating rumors that Apple was talking with AT&T to charge extra for a tethering plan.  I’m actively against this, and that’s why […]
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Google browser: chrome

Google came out with a new browser today and I got a few minutes to look at it on a Vista machine. They did a pretty good job. The first thing that came to mind when I saw it, and the first thing that comes to mind whenever I think ‘Google’, is that it is […]
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WordPress for iPhone

If you haven’t heard, wordpress has a new application on the iPhone for editing your blog. I’m making this post from my iPhone! The usability for the features that are exposed feels very intuitive. There aren’t a lot of features besides writing plain text and viewing previous posts, but it’s cool for posting the latest […]
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