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Shelling out extra for iPhone tethering plan: OUTRAGEOUS!

If you’re in the know with the latest iPhone news, then you’ve already read about Apple and AT&T discussing the possibility of an iPhone tethering plan.  If you’re not in the know, educate yourself!. The fact that they’re thinking about charging an ADDITIONAL 30 dollars just for a tethering option is absurd.  Somebody please smack […]
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iPhone SDK unlocked

As some of you may know, the iPhone SDK that was released by Apple is not 100% of the tools that Apple uses to make their own programs.  It’s been speculated by open source developers that there’s only about 75% of the SDK exposed through Apple’s version of the SDK. Apple’s iPhone SDK is not […]
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Its time to get serious and play some games

Seriously people, we need to “play”.  Forrester Research just came out with an article that describes the application of the gaming field to non-gaming environments (work/productivity).  Reading this blog was as close as I could immediately get to their near $800 dollar article on the topic.  The actual experience that they show in the blog of sitting around […]
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QuickPwn for iPhone 3G OSv2.0.2 works like a charm!

I tried the new version of QuickPwn that was released today (it’s currently hosted here) and it worked great.  Took about 4 minutes total and now I’m enjoying complete, jailbroken freedom.  Huge thanks to the iphone dev team! Note that performing this act does NOT limit any other capability of your phone in any way.  It still connects […]
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iPhone SDK – First steps to start developing

I’m going to try to keep this short and sweet. Free Sign-Up Go to Click Log In Sign up for an account if you haven’t already – it’s free.  Logging in will get you access to the SDK and a whole bunch of documentation. On a mac machine (OS X v10.5.3 or later), download and […]
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My First iPhone 3G

Thanks to Apple and a guy named Charles (the guy that helped me at the apple store) I now have an iPhone 3G.  Yay for me!  Now I can get the latest and greatest iPhone software on my 3G, while still keeping all of the jailbroken material on my other iPhone, as well as using […]
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Visual Web GUI and Silverlight?

Visual Web Gui might be a really good way to connect web content to a silverlight application.  There’s always been the standard approach of interacting with the web content through Silverlight’s own reference to the web page as an object, but you basically end up flipping back and forth between web content and Silverlight content […]
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My first iPhone application

The iPhone SDK allows you to build and run your application in an iPhone simulator on your apple machine.  Today, for the first time, I was finally able to test out my simple file browser application on my actual iPhone instead of through the simulator.  It’s awesome!
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iPhone development phase 1…

I just payed for my iPhone developer connection package from apple a few weeks ago.  I’ve been diving into the SDK on and off for the past few months, but I’m hoping to have time to be a little more dedicated in my iPhone SDK studies. I’m poking around the iPhone program portal that the […]
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