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The past few months have been spent doing a little reorganizing.  After leaving my last company, IdentityMine, I decided it was time to start doing iOS development full time.  What better way to do that than to start your own app development shop?

So I got together with a couple of highly-skilled, like-minded buddies of mine to do just that.  We canadian roulette all come from a background that focused on usable software, and thought that we could put our skills to good use on the App Store – a place where people are actually rewarded for all the hard work that goes into creating polished, usable experiences.

We needed a name of course, so we followed a successful naming pattern that I like to call “Random Mammal,” whereby you attach some sort of description to a random mammal of your choosing.  For example: Angry Tiger, Ninja Monkey, Sly Shark, etc…

And such was the creation of The Other Dingo, an app development shop devoted to hand crafting applications for iOS.

Check out our website, and keep an eye out for all the apps that we’ll be releasing!

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WWDC’s not broken, but it could use some upgrades

John Gruber on fixing WWDC:

It occurs to me that Apple did make a major change to help those who don’t or can’t attend WWDC: they release the session videos remarkably soon after the conference ends. Watching the videos is not the same thing as being there (no labs, for one thing), but it’s a big improvement over years past, when the videos were released many months after WWDC was over.

This is great compared to the past years, but why not take it one step further?  Why not stream the sessions live?  So that people around the world can feel like they’re there without ruining the experience of actually BEING there.  This could even enhance the experience, sort of like watching a football game on a big screen TV.

Now, it might be a little more difficult to stream the readily available supply of free Odwalla they had at WWDC 2010… actually being there would still have its perks.

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Mac memory management tips for the rest of us.

“Following these rules, writing Cocoa code is damn close to scripting.”


iPhone 4 reception issue

From a recent email I sent around the office…

“While ALL iPhone 4s actually have this problem (Craig, let me see you’re iPhone and I’ll show you 😉 and it is definitely DUMB that a world class mobile phone has an issue as stupid as “if you hold it in this way it doesn’t work,” I feel that it’s not THAT big of a deal. Simply moving my thumb half a centimeter “fixes” everything, and getting a case (which I ordered NOT because of the reception issue) completely resolves the issue.

The only unfortunate thing is that the iPhone hasn’t morphed into a phone that is also a computer. It’s still a computer that is also a phone. Maybe iPhone 5 will be called iRealPhone.

My official stance: MEGA FAIL but not a big deal. Sort of like running into a screen door.”

PS – I never believed that the issue could be fixed by reporting a different number of bars.  That software could fix an obvious hardware problem is silly.  However, the thought that perception of the public can be altered by software is an obvious one, and is the route that Apple took.  Suddenly the reception issue was perceptibly cut in half, because instead of going from 4 bars to none, you’re only going from two bars to none.  Steve, you’re so sly!

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Subway responds with worldwide cheese tessellation!

Due to the recent popularity of a submission to Left-Handed Toon’s, Subway has responded by saying that as of July 1st all of their cheese will be tessellated on their sandwiches, providing all Subway customers with “wonderful dairy coverage.”

The article by Left-Handed Toons was originally submitted by Josh on July 14th, 2007, but has recently been popular on the internet, prompting Subway to correct their unnecessary dairy overlap issue!

[Thanks to Jamey for the tip]

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Steve Jobs releases official statement about Flash and Apple

Go Steve.

Apple vs Gizmodo | Picking on the little guy

I had the feeling last week that it kinda sucked that Gizmodo was getting so much heat for the whole situation.  It was making Apple look like a monster.  It’s not like leaks don’t happen for every other apple device/product – it happens quite frequently.

But then I read the post on daringfireball that was trying to drill things home for people:

Gizmodo isn’t being “punished severely for publishing information gained by others in unsavory ways”; they are being investigated by law enforcement for committing a felony themselves.

And then I read the note that Gizmodo received from Apple two months prior, stating that they shouldn’t give cash incentives to people that find leaked prototypes from Apple, because this sort of incentive is promoting people to break the law (breaking the law is illegal, FYI), and that this sort of action is against the law in itself.  Well F – they knew this was going to happen!

I’m now of the mind that Gizmodo is just a bunch of juvenile journalists…

oh wait…. I always thought that.

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Apple iPad 3G + Wifi | Two days left on the countdown

Only two more days people!  The 3G iPad is supposed to be shipped on Friday, so many (including myself) have been waiting for a shipment confirmation.  Good news, though, from The Loop:

“Unlike the iPad Wi-Fi that shipped directly from China to customers, the 3G model will ship from within the U.S.”

I’ll be waiting at my doorstep.

Apple Open | Flash Closed

“Someone has it backwards — it is HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and H.264 (all supported by the iPhone and iPad) that are open and standard, while Adobe’s Flash is closed and proprietary.” – Apple Official Statement.

The Macalope is funny

I’m not typically a HUGE fan of the Macalope.  I’m a normal fan.  I like his stuff, I’m just not a reader that’s chomping at the bit for the next article.

However, this past Saturdays’ piece was particularly hilarious.  Seriously.  I had to run to the bathroom to pee.  The second time I laughed, I laughed so hard I didn’t even make it to the bathroom!  (not really.  We all know my desk chair is a toilet)

In the first part of the article the macalope picks apart Lee Brimelow’s post from last week that we’ve all seen a million times by now.  But the sarcasm and witty remarks continue throughout the rest of the article.

Oh horny one, your humor was great.  I’ll be eagerly awaiting next weeks post in hopes that this hilarity continues.

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Cheese: the Sub way


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Tuesday | New MacBooks Announced

It’s about time!

3.3.1 | Best solution for Apple’s new rules

Are you an exclusive MonoTouch developer or a wishful future CS5 Flash-to-iPhone-app user? Tired of reading millions of threads complaining about 3.3.1? Want to develop an application for the iPhone but feeling scared about Cocoa? Boy have we got the solution for you!

Just go freaking learn Cocoa Touch and Obj C!

Other blogs might charge for such good advice, and would make things difficult by not giving further instruction or a handy link.  But if you act NOW you can get this advice for how much?  $100?  NO WAY!  $50?  Don’t be silly!

You can get all of this advice for just three easy payment of $FREE!!*

Make sure you pick up a copy of Beginning iPhone 3 Development: Exploring the iPhone SDK.

*shipping and handling not included.

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3.3.1 | Apple’s iPhone Developer Program License Agreement

After last Thursday’s announcement of iPhone OS4 an update to the iPhone Developer Program License Agreement was found on the Apple developer website that prohibited the use of any third party cross compilers and/or language wrappers/converters for the use of making iPhone applications.  This is described in the update to section 3.3.1:

3.3.1 — Applications may only use Documented APIs in the manner prescribed by Apple and must not use or call any private APIs. Applications must be originally written in Objective-C, C, C++, or JavaScript as executed by the iPhone OS WebKit engine, and only code written in C, C++, and Objective-C may compile and directly link against the Documented APIs (e.g., Applications that link to Documented APIs through an intermediary translation or compatibility layer or tool are prohibited).

There’s a middleware community of folks that have invested tons of time and effort (and money) into writing a layer of tools that allow other developer folks that aren’t savvy with the native iPhone development platform (which consists of Cocoa Touch and Obj-C) to still be effective at creating Apps using their language/platform of choice.  Apple is now stating that these solutions are no longer acceptable and will not be approved for distribution in the App Store.  Apple has always recommended that people use the native tools, and has never supported the middleware community.

So now there’s a huge uproar of folks saying that Apple has made a terrible move and that Apple doesn’t realize what they’ve done.  They’ve ruined the community and are going to lose revenue in the App Store, etc…

Really?  It’s Apple.  They know exactly what they’ve done, and they did it for a reason.

Yes, it sucks for all those people that invested time to create these middleware solutions that empower developers of other “faiths” to create iPhone apps.  I feel bad for all these “wasted” hours (hopefully we can figure out a way to repurpose all of this spent energy).  However, I think this is a great move on Apple’s part from a business perspective.  They’re ensuring the success of their platform by ensuring that people learn how to use it, and not some other middleware solution that could one day not exist or be 100% compatible with the Cocoa Touch tools.  They’re removing any dependency on third party solutions that could stifle their success.

There have been a lot of angry remarks out there about Apple’s decision (*cough cough Lee Brimelow cough*).  These remarks are coming mainly from the people who are currently using middleware solutions or who were going to use CS5 to create iPhone apps.

But y’know what?  Cocoa Touch isn’t THAT difficult for a developer to learn (specifically a .NET developer), and neither is Obj-C.  Yea, it’s not C#, but it’s not assembly for Christ’s sake.  If Apple had this TERRIBLE platform that was hardly usable and difficult to learn then it wouldn’t be in their best interest to force people to use their platform – the quality of the apps would suffer and the iPhone App Model would fail – but that’s not the case.  They have a very decent developer experience. I made the switch from .NET (WPF and Silverlight) to Cocoa and it wasn’t the end of the world, nor was it a huge time suck.  I’m thoroughly enjoying the entire Cocoa Touch experience now, and the more people that use it, the better the experience will become.  Platform adoption is the reason .NET and it’s tools have become so successful.  What’s wrong with Apple forcing the same approach with their own platform?  Absolutely nothing.

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Where did March go?

March was a busy month. From finishing up a long project at work to attending MIX10 in Vegas (during which my twitter account got a couple seconds of fame during the keynote), I had little time to myself and no time to blog. I didn’t even have time to keep up on all things Apple (or any other tech news for that matter).

I did have time to hit up a couple shows in the Seattle area. I’ve been paying close attention to a local hiphop group that goes by the name Helladope. You should check them out:

“pleasureful, danceable, chunks of funk candy that you want to stick in your ear and leave there forever” – Niki Benson on SSG

“…one of Seattle’s premiere hip-hop acts” – Mike Ramos on EarCandy

I also moved out of my crazy small 630 sq. ft. apartment. I’m moving onto bigger and better rental spaces – 2100 sq. ft. house, baby! I’m loving it, but the entire place is empty. Time to buy some furniture I guess.

Anyway. I’m back, I’m alive, and I’m moving on to a new project at work and it’s all iPhone development. Should be good to get some more hours logged in Xcode. I get to geek out over the next couple months! Maybe I’ll find some time to write some more tutorials that go beyond “Hello World!”

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